Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition (FSPC)

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Summit 2003
Making Strides to Save Lives
November 17 & 18
Ocean Center
Daytona Beach, Florida

Conference Coordinator (FSPC):       Laura Meyer:  dreamsicle3@msn.com
Conference Coordinator (SPC-VF):  Gail Gregory: mhadbfl@bellsouth.net


[click here for SUMMIT 2003 AGENDA in pdf]

Pictures of Conference coming soon.

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Dr Tom Beaver,
Volusia/Seminole Medical Examiner

Pam Harrington &
Hendricks Brown

Frank Bruno
Volusia County Chair

Laura Meyer
Gatekeeper Training

Lisa Grubbs
Region 12 Director

Keri Lubell

Dr. Deborah Mulligan-Smith
Nova Southeastern University

Steve Roggenbaum

Dr Hendricks Brown
Science Based Strategies

Terry Smith, Gail Gregory, Marilyn Juengst & volunteers