Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition (FSPC)

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5th Annual FSPC Day at the Florida Capitol
April 25 WALK and RALLY in TALLY
Chair:  Pam Harrington r-harrington@comcast.net
WALK and RALLY in TALLY [click here for all the details]
Walk Map & Route information [click here for details]
Billboards [click here to view]


 Rooms have not been set aside - but you try them.  Cancellations can be made by 4:00 PM the day before, if necessary.


Suggestions for T-Shirt color, information on shirt, etc.
Send your thoughts to:  Pam Harrington:  r-harrington@comcast.net

2007 Suicide Prevention BILLBOARD [click here to view]
Will be posted around the State February & March
[click here] to see Billboard LOCATIONS

Special thanks to Florida Office of Drug Control and ClearChannel

Suicide radio spots that will be run throughout Florida:
[click here to listen to 15 second spot]

[click here to listen to 30 second spot]
[click here]  to see Radio Spot LOCATIONS
Special thanks to Florida Department of Children & Families

FSPC meeting prior to Rally
(Noon at Pot Belly's the start of the Walk)

Before contacting you Senator or Representative it is suggested you review:
ADVOCACY GUIDE: A Brief Guide [click here] (6 pgs pdf)
Prepared by the Florida  Council for Community Mental Health
See Legislative efforts that failed in the past;
[State History]
See previous FSPC Day at Capitol activities (2003-2006) [click here]