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Suicide Prevention Day at the Florida Capitol
March 23, 2004, Tuesday
In the Capitol Rotunda and Courtyard

Chairperson:  Pam Harrington

FSPC members, friends and concerned persons gathered at the Capitol in Tallahassee to emphasize the imperative to help reduce the incidence of suicide in our communities.

Activities were in the ROTUNDA on the first floor and a spot on the outside COURTYARD for the day.  Tables and displays from various groups displaying, quilts and other activities.

Press Conference
Featured:  Governor Jeb Bush & Mrs. Bush
also Charles G. Curie, SAMHSA Administrator and others

Governor Jeb Bush's IN THE NEWS...Friday, March 26, 2004

I joined First Lady Columba Bush and other advocates for Suicide Prevention
day on Tuesday.  We stood together to raise awareness about suicide in
Florida, prevention efforts that are already underway, and the warning signs
every Floridian should recognize to help stem this heartbreaking, but
growing problem.  With the input of groups across the state, we've created
the Florida Suicide Prevention Task Force, as well as a statewide strategy
to lower suicide by at least one-third by 2010.  Suicide is a difficult-but
not impossible-problem to address.  By working together, I believe we can
turn the tide and save lives in Florida.

Pictures of the Day at the Florida Capitol [click here]

overnor Jeb Bush and his wife support the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition and are pleased to serve as honorary Chairpersons.  Governor Bush's letter [click here to read]

Governor Bush to Proclaim March 23, 2004 as "Florida Suicide Prevention Day
 - A Day to Focus on Suicide Prevention Awareness" [click here to read]

One of the BILLBOARDS currently up in Tallahassee on South Monroe St [click here to see]

We are asking for the following:

bulletSupport and request to co-sponsor from Legislators for HB 0897 or SB 2042 "Relating to creating a position for a Suicide Prevention Coordinator, a Council and appropriations"
bulletSupport in programs and efforts to reduce the incidence of suicide in Florida
bulletSupport in public information campaigns
bulletSupport in gatekeeper training
bulletSupport in developing a responsive health care system

Contact your Florida Senator.  To find the Senators for your area [click here]

Contact your Florida House of Representative members.  To find the Representative for your area [click here]

If you are interested in having a display or information for the tables contact Pam Harrington r-harrington@comcast.net

Packets are to be delivered to the Senators and House members on March 23 to include:
bulletFlorida statistics for each County, comparing the tragedies of suicide, homicides and aids, [County Statistics 2002]
bulletFlyer inviting Legislators to visit Rotunda and Press Conference [click here for FLYER]
bulletFSPC Brochure  [FSPC Brochure]
bulletCDC 10 Leading Causes of Death, Florida 2001 [click here]
bullet"Preventing Suicide in Florida: A Strategy Paper"  [click here to see Strategy Paper]
bulletAAS National 2001 Suicide Statistics summary and State Rankings.  [see 2001 US statistics] [see 2001 State Rankings]


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