Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition (FSPC)

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There is no typical suicide victim.  It happens to young and old, rich and poor.  Fortunately there are some common warning signs which, when acted upon, can save lives.  Here are some to look for:

bulletChanges in sleep or eating patterns
bulletNeglect of personal appearance
bulletDepressed, sad, angry, aggressive
bulletJob or financial loss
bulletAlcohol or drug abuse
bulletSelf-mutilation (i.e., cutting)
bulletIsolation; withdrawing from family or friends
bulletLoss of interest in activities/hobbies
bulletTrouble with school or work
bulletPerfectionism or overly self-critical


bulletHopelessness or helplessness
bulletTalking, writing or hinting about suicide
bulletLethargy, apathy or sadness
bulletExtreme changes in behavior
bulletPuts one's affairs in order -- giving away possessions
bulletRelationship breakup
bulletBuys gun or weapon or stock piles drugs
bulletSuddenly happier and calmer -- giving the impression that things have improved


These are things that increase the potential for a person's suicide.

bulletPrevious suicide attempts
bulletMajor illness
bulletBarriers to accessing mental health treatment
bulletSignificant others who have completed suicide
bulletRelationship breakup
bulletJob or Financial loss, personal security
bulletUntreated depression, hopelessness, helplessness
bulletAccess to lethal means (i.e; guns, pills, etc)
bulletFamily disruption
bulletSexual, mental or physical abuse


Things that help a person through periods of crisis.

bulletFamily or friends or community
bulletPositive self-esteem
bulletSense of hope
bulletGood health
bulletCounselor or Therapist (depression screening)
bulletTreatment availability
bulletCalm environment
bulletMedication compliance
bulletResponsibility for children
bulletDuty to others
bulletJob security
bulletDifficult access to lethal means (i.e; gun, pills, etc)
bulletReligious beliefs

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