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Lifekeeper Memory Quilts

The Lifekeeper Memory Quilts project was founded by Sandy Martin from Georgia after the death of her only son by suicide. 

The quilts are used throughout the year for the purpose of promoting public awareness about the incidence of suicide.  They are displayed each year at the SPAN USA national event in Washington, D.C., at fund-raising events, survivor conferences, and will be displayed on March 26th for the Day at the Capitol. 

The statistics for suicide are alarming, and if we are able to relate a face to those numbers, the number would become exactly what it is a tragic loss of human life.  The quilts carry the message that suicide can happen to any of us, in any family, at any time.  Through the use of the Lifekeeper Memory Quilts we will promote awareness, education and prevention of suicide.  We will continue to make the quilts as long as they are needed, hopefully reducing the incidence of suicide.   

To put this into perspective: for the state of Florida alone, we would need to make more than one hundred (100) quilts per year to include the reported suicides. 

The intent of the quilts is not to memorialize or glamorize suicide, but to give memory to the value and dignity of the life of our loved one that has been lost to suicide.

If you are interested in including your loved one on a Lifekeeper memory quilt, please contact Laura Meyer at  dreamsicle3@msn.com or 386-736-2446.

To include a block on the quilt please send a favorite picture of your loved one, their name, birth and death date, any artwork, poem, personal message, etc. that you would like included.  The average block size is 12 x 12, picture size should be at least 4x6 or larger, color or black and white.  The picture will be copied and returned to you intact.  The suggested donation for making the block is $25.

Quilts by:
Bonnie McClelland

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program of Pinellas County


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