Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of loss survivors, crisis center staff, researchers, and concerned citizens. Regional Directors located throughout Florida serve as contact points for the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition (FSPC). The FSPC is dedicated to increasing awareness and encouraging the prevention of suicide. We do this, in part, through legislative advocacy, statewide education, and collaboration.

We offer help, hope and resources to those experiencing issues related to suicide and to those that have had a loss to suicide.

Our network collaborates with other organizations who can offer help and resources to those dealing with suicidal issues. We advocate for legislative policies related to mental wellness and issues related to suicide.

There is no typical suicide victim. Anyone can have suicidal thoughts at some time in their life. They can learn tools to help themselves if they get professional help. Don’t be afraid to ask the question; “Are you having thoughts of taking your own life?” Call 800-273-8255, the Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you are ( or) someone you know may be at risk of taking their own life.